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Here you’ll find answers to specific questions regarding the application process and a possible career at Goodgame.

  • You use the recruitment system "Lever" - I've heard of recruitment systems that discard applications due to a misused word. Is that true?

    Recruitment systems are generally nothing out of the ordinary. Many companies use them to ensure that the large number of applications are all processed. The systems don’t discard an application simply because a wrong word is used. If that were so, we’d harm ourselves by potentially losing a suitable employee on the mere basis of an unfortunate choice of words.
    We use Lever for scanning your application thoroughly and as swiftly as possible. This is important to us in order to provide quick feedback so that you can better plan your future career. And this is how it works: every application arrives in our system and is viewed by a HR Manager – not by the system! Of course, we respect German data protection law in order to ensure the highest possible security of your data.

  • What is your application and interview process and how long does it take?

    Goodgame Studios tries to make the application process as swift as possible and avoid long waits. You’ll instantly receive a confirmation of receipt. A first reply can generally be expected within one to two weeks. After this we’ll schedule a telephone interview depending on the position and, subject to your suitability for the open position, a personal talk. Once this has taken place, it’ll usually be only a few days until we make a yes-or-no decision. We have one basic rule: in all that we do in the recruitment process the candidate is at the centre of attention – whether he or she is eventually hired or not.

  • What documents do I need to provide with my application?

    For a speedy application process, you should submit the following documents in full as PDFs:

    • – A cover letter stating clearly why you’d like to work with us, why you chose this particular position and why you think you’re ideal for the job. In addition, we’d ask you to state your salary expectations (does not apply to internships)
    • – A detailed and complete CV
    • – Reference letters, at least from your last two employers
    • – Your graduation transcript (course of studies and/or vocational training)
    • – And for applications in the graphics field you also need an expressive portfolio (e.g. some of your best works from your desired field of work – remember that quality is more important than quantity)

    And last but not least we’d like to know about the source of your application.

  • Should I apply in German or English?

    Please send us your application documents in English so that everyone involved in the decision-making process can understand and evaluate your application. Due to our variety of international employees, the company language has been English since summer 2015.

  • What languages do I have to know if I start a job at Goodgame?

    Thanks to our international operations and the high number of international employees and candidates, Goodgame Studios has made English its company language since summer 2015. The most important information in the company is provided in both German and English, however. There are still some German-speaking departments. Meetings are held completely in English in teams and departments where German is not understood by everyone. For this reason, it is essential that everyone working at Goodgame has basic English skills.
    We also offer a variety of English courses so that everyone can feel comfortable in meetings held in English. In addition, employees who don’t speak German can attend German courses to facilitate collaboration with their colleagues. Some positions require additional language skills and specify these in their descriptions.

  • Does Goodgame offer vocational training?

    Occasionally we offer professional training positions. You can find open professional training positions under “Students & Education“. We also offer numerous internships which are particularly suitable for entry level candidates.

  • I'm still a high school student. Can I do an internship with you?

    Unfortunately, we can’t offer any internships to high school students, as we are unable to guarantee capacities for useful supervision during this short amount of time. We don’t want to ask of you to just sit around and be bored. However, if you have three months on your hands and are 18 years old or over, you’re welcome to apply for one of our internship openings. These offer you an opportunity to learn a great deal and make proactive contributions. Many of our former interns now work for us on a permanent basis.

  • Vacation at Goodgame Studios

    Every Goodgamer is given 25 vacation days, or five weeks of vacation, every year. An additional day will be given for every full year. This means that a maximum of 30 vacation days can be reached.

  • Possibilities for personal development

    We offer you the space to use your creativity, take responsibility, and develop in your job. We live a culture of learning and are happy to support your career path.

  • Importance of transparency at GGS / How is internal transparency perceived at Goodgame Studios?

    We value being as open as possible when communicating developments at Goodgame Studios to all employees. We have therefore introduced a variety of different methods and continually expand upon these.

    We also listen closely to what our employees have to say, so we offer them a variety of opportunities to give feedback on all topics. From interactions with superiors and colleagues, to the workplace facilities, or the quality of the lunch menu, our employees don’t go unheard.

  • Does Goodgame Studios live its core values? / What are the company values that Goodgame Studios distinguishes itself by and are they actually put into practice?

    Since the founding of Goodgame Studios in 2009, our work has been shaped by a mutual understanding of an ideal workplace. However, after our tremendous growth over the last few years, this spirit alone was no longer enough to live by. We therefore decided to elaborate upon the most important values so that each new employee could start incorporating them from day one. During this process, we identified a total of six values that apply to all employees regardless of position and provide direction for our daily work: Focus, Innovation, Passion, Collaboration, Communication, and Honesty.

  • How flexible are the working hours?

    The Employees of Goodgame Studios have a core working time from 10am to 5pm. In a fulltime position you have to work 8 hours a day. Working hours can be distributed freely around core working time in most departments. The earliest start to work is 8:30 am an the latest time to start is 10 am. Of course we are very flexible when it comes to exceptions e.g when you need to be at home for whatever reason. This is in the responsibility of every people manager.

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