About Goodgame Studios

Experts in Free-to-play Gaming

Goodgame Studios is a leading free-to-play, online games development company active on web and mobile platforms. We self-publish our games in-house and have all relevant professions under one roof: Game Development, Quality Assurance, Community Management and Customer Support to Business Development, Marketing, Analytics and Central IT services. These departments work hand in hand to provide quality gaming experiences to over 500 million registered users worldwide.
With a rich pool of talented employees from more than 40 nations, we are among the largest German employers in the gaming software industry.


Powered by the best talent

We believe that only the best people will create the best products and drive a company to success. We work together as one team of people with the expertise and determination to achieve our goals collectively. Our values of respect, trust and appreciation are at the very core of our values. We believe that teamwork, trusting our experts, and bringing different perspectives together to develop the best outcome are the heart and soul of game development.


Data beats opinion

Data based decision making

We optimize our products continuously and thoroughly by measuring improvements in numbers and data, bringing together quantitative player behavior and quantified community feedback to support our decisions, and developing the best solutions for our business and customers. We’re constantly expanding on proven knowledge and expertise to repeat successes instead of relying on one-hit wonders.

Data Driven

Think globally

Understanding the global perspective

As a company operating on a global scale, we aim to replicate our domestic success in every country within our market. We are a passionate team of people from more than 40 nations and our cultural diversity helps us deliver engaging gaming experiences all over the world.

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Sustainable growth

Creating and upholding values

Backed by our own experience, we believe that long-term success is a matter of consistency, not of fast growth over a short period. To keep moving forward at a constant speed, we continuously improve our products and focus on long-term goals. We also don’t overextend ourselves financially, but rather focus on consistently growing a strong and healthy revenue and profit base.

Sustainable Growth

Hall of fame

Award-winning products and ideas

Goodgame Studios’ work has been honored by numerous prestigious awards.

  • Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2021
    German Developer Award 2021
  • Growth Team of the Year award
    Growth Team of the Year 2021
  • Deloitte Award
    deloitte technology fast 50 2014
  • Red Herring Award 2012
    Red Herring Europe Top 100 Award 2012
  • Ega Award
    European Games Award 2014
  • MMO Award
    MMO of the year 2013
  • Entrepreneur of the Year 2011
    Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2011

Association Memberships