Goodgame Empire
Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire

Free-to-play strategy MMO

You need a great strategy to become a great king in Goodgame Empire! Turn an insignificant spot on the world map into a mighty kingdom. Produce resources to build your magnificent castle. Recruit an army to protect it and conquer other kingdoms to expand your power. Fight epic battles against other players or forge strategic alliances to help you on your path to the ultimate goal: becoming the most powerful king of all!

Rule your own empire

Create your own kingdom

  • Over 60 different buildings
  • Multiple upgrade levels for buildings and units
  • Countless decorations for personalizing your castle
  • Regular in-game events to keep things new and exciting
  • Weekly updates with new game content

Be part of a massive community

  • Alliance and pact system unique to Empire
  • Convenient and helpful alliance chat
  • More than 80 million players worldwide
  • Fast customer support in your own language

Fight in exciting battles

  • Strategic and versatile battle system
  • More than 50 different military units
  • Powerful and customizable equipment items
  • Epic battles in four kingdoms
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What others are saying

  • Ega Award

    European Games Award 2014

    Best European Browser Game
  • MMO Award

    MMO of the Year 2013

    Best Strategy Browser MMO

There is something for everyone in the strategy browser game Goodgame Empire. Whether you're an enthusiastic trader or ruthless warmonger, this game has something to offer everyone. /   Goodgame Empire Game Review

Goodgame Empire scores big with its unique comicbook look and variety of features that let strategy lovers live it up. /   Goodgame Empire Game Review

Quests and daily tasks keep boredom at bay. There is always something new to discover, even for advanced players. /  Goodgame Empire Game Review