Big, Bigger, GGS

Big, bigger, Goodgame Studios

Around 50 new colleagues join Goodgame Studios every month. That obviously means our offices have to grow as well, which is why we’re regularly moving into new ones. Currently we are harboring 650 Goodgamers from more than 40 nations in over 10,000m2 of office space!

A number of large-scale moves were due to take place at the end of 2013. One of them involved our 40 person strong art department moving into freshly renovated office at our site in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. All the walls have been covered in cork so that the artworks can be directly affixed to them. The new artists’ quarters also make a good impression thanks to their historical industrial architecture and their proximity to our swimming pool, which shouldn’t be overlooked. The path from your desk to the cool water could barely be shorter. Nevertheless, we recommend waiting for the summer to come.

The PR department is also now set up in their own glass-walled office, which they share with cardboard cutouts of Tessa and Lilly from Big Farm and the knights from Goodgame Empire. With ‘only’ four people in the department, their company ensures we don’t feel quite so alone.