Stillfront Group appoints Oleg Savschouk and Phillip Knust as new CEO and CPO at Goodgame Studios

Stillfront Group announces the appointment of Oleg Savschouk, Vice President Live Operations and member of the management team, as new Chief Executive Officer and of Phillip Knust, Director of Products, as new Chief Product Officer at Goodgame Studios, effective March 1st, 2019.

Oleg Savschouk and Phillip Knust

Oleg Savschouk is an experienced leader who joined Goodgame Studios more than seven years ago as Product Director and is – in his current role as VP Live Operations – responsible for the product development of the successful games “Goodgame Empire” and “Big Farm”. Before joining Goodgame, he held several management positions, such as CEO of German retailer “Mix GmbH”, a company with 161 stores and 370M EUR in revenue, where Savschouk substantially increased the number of stores, revenue and market share and successfully increased company value.

Phillip Knust is an experienced creative leader and product strategist who created the original game design of the games “Goodgame Empire” and “Big Farm”. He joined Goodgame Studios more than eight years ago as Product Manager and has since then led several production teams, releasing numerous product successes, the most popular being “Goodgame Empire”, one of the biggest strategy games of all time with more than 175 million users to date.

In their new roles, Savschouk and Knust will continue to focus on long-lifecycle product development and contribute to long-term shareholder value.

“It is a privilege to lead this fundamentally strong company with iconic products and talent. Phillip and I will be working very hard in the coming years to further expand our brands. We will move with urgency and intense commitment to continue to drive revenue and profits for Goodgame and the Stillfront Group. I see an exciting future for Goodgame with profitable growth and more great products to come. I am eager to get going”, says Oleg Savschouk, designated CEO of Goodgame Studios.

“I am very happy to see Goodgame Studios in such a strong position. The company is showing high profitability, popular brands, a great product pipeline and continues to be led by a highly skilled management team. Oleg and Phillip are experienced gaming industry experts with a strong focus on building and managing long-lifecycle products. I look forward to working with Oleg and Phillip in their new roles”, says Jörgen Larsson, CEO of Stillfront Group.

Founders of Goodgame Studios will leave operational positions

Dr. Kai Wawrzinek and Dr. Christian Wawrzinek, founders of Goodgame Studios, will leave their current positions as CEO and CSO at Goodgame by the end of February 2019, to focus on their roles as shareholders of Stillfront. The search for a new CEO has been initiated.

“Stillfront’s acquisition of Goodgame is a perfect strategic fit and we are very encouraged by the realization of synergies we have seen during 2018. The timing is now right for us to hand over daily management of Goodgame, allowing us more time to create value for Stillfront as active shareholders,” says Kai Wawrzinek.

“Goodgame Studios is performing well, with strong profitability and a solid pipeline for future game releases. The management team of Goodgame has an impressive track record and we have a strong leadership in place to ensure an orderly transition while building on the positive business momentum seen across the Group,” says Jörgen Larsson, CEO of Stillfront Group.

Goodgame Studios back on track, two new games early 2018

Press Release – Hamburg, 27 July 2017

Goodgame Studios, a leading developer and publisher of gaming software, announced today a return to consistent profitability following a recent strategic restructuring of its operations. In addition, the Company announced that two new mobile titles are in development, expected to launch in early 2018.

Company Expects Long-Term Financial Stability After Difficult but Necessary Reorganization

Since the beginning of the year, founders of Goodgame, Kai and Christian Wawrzinek returned to their executive positions of CEO and CSO respectively, and reflect on the recent changes at the studio. “The restructuring was definitely one of the toughest periods of the company’s history,” said Christian Wawrzinek, CSO of Goodgame Studios. “Nearly everybody in the company had to say goodbye to talented colleagues who will be missed and to whom we thank for their dedication and service. As painful as it’s been to undergo this process, there is no doubt that we were doing what we believe necessary to ensure long-term growth and financial stability.”

Commenting further, Christian Wawrzinek  reflects on how gratifying it is to see Goodgame Studios return to constant profitability. “Before the reorganization, we focused our efforts heavily on creating new games in new genres while neglecting the needs of our loyal audience who are playing our current titles. Following the strategic realignment, two of our blockbusters ‘Goodgame Empire’ and ‘Big Farm’ have our full attention and have also been switched to a more user-centered development approach since the beginning of the year.”

Goodgame Studios Entry 2017

Positive operating result expected for 2017, potential increase in 2018

“Goodgame Empire is six years old now, and we’re proud that the title is still the most successful game franchise ever produced in Germany,” emphasizes Kai Wawrzinek CEO of Goodgame Studios. Commenting further, Kai notes that the four-year-old Big Farm brand still delights millions of players worldwide every month. “We have the responsibility to continue the success of these blockbusters, for our players, for our employees and for the whole company. Based on solid revenue, Goodgame wants to build new, sustainable growth.”

Goodgame Studios is expecting a positive operating result for the 2017 financial year, and due to upcoming releases the upward trend might even accelerate in 2018.

Two new games for mobile devices are planned to be released in the first quarter of 2018, and gamers who are fans of web based titles can also expect some exciting news from Goodgame Studios to be announced in due course.

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