BitLife BR – Simulação de vida for Android and iOS conquers Brazil

Want to live the life of a clever politician and decide the future of the country, be cheered by millions of fans as a musician or crowned the soccer champion of the world as a celebrated superstar? All of this and more is possible in the brand new mobile app BitLife BR – Simulação de vida, available now for iOS and Android in App Store und Google Play Store.

Getting into the game is easy and doesn’t require much of a tutorial. Due to the player’s infinite storytelling and decision opportunities as well as the unpredictability of events, new lives can be started and endless story combinations can be tried out in BitLife BR – Simulação de vida. The game shines with its unique humor and compelling adventures of its characters. BitLife BR – Simulação de vida is a sandbox game world in concept and allows for unlimited decision opportunities and full control over the life of the player’s character. Players are continuously faced with new decisions that will impact their further lives in many different ways.

From the beginning of a new virtual life all the way to the final moments as an earth citizen, players experience a vastly interactive story and can fulfil their dreams: Be it joining the school team or finding true love, getting the dream job or turning to a life of crime smuggling wares – the possibilities are endless.

God Mode is available via in-app purchase that offers an editor to adjust the life of a character according to one’s own desires. Further content and features can be activated by getting so-called Bitizenship which also deactivates in-game ads. New careers can also be added and the current character can be made young again with the use of a time machine feature.

BitLife BR – Features:

  • Free-to-play, text-based life simulation within a sandbox game world
  • Unlimited choices
  • Full control over one’s character’s life
  • High replayability due to endless story-combinations
  • Unique sense of humor
  • Weekly challenges
  • Special careers

BitLife BR – Simulação de vida is available for download on App Store and Google Play Store.