Blind Dates at Goodgame Studios

Six people, one restaurant, one hour – welcome to GoodLunch. Twice a month, six colleagues are chosen at random and invited to go for lunch together. Nobody knows who will be joining them and the ‘chosen ones’ only meet each other at our reception on the day. All of them then head to the restaurant ‘Tischlein deck dich’ nearby, where they can choose a tasty dish paid for by the company. The GoodLunch allows our colleagues to get to know other employees and learn more about other departments. What do the people do in back end and front end development? What projects are our community managers involved in? What’s happening at executive level? Our board members’ names are incidentally also included in the pot along with everyone else’s.

As we’re constantly growing it’s impossible to know everyone, but the GoodLunch offers a good opportunity to get to know colleagues outside your own team and to get a glimpse of what’s going on beyond your own department. Since it started in January, everyone who’s had the chance to go to a GoodLunch has had a great time. The conversation has flowed at every ‘blind date’ and it’s proven a terrific way to spend a lunch break.