Goodgame Studios, a leading German publisher and developer of online video games on browser and mobile devices, is collaborating with Miami-based developer, Candywriter, to bring its text-based simulation mobile game, BitLife, to German players. Goodgame and Candywriter – both part of the Stillfront Group – will be combining talent to transcreate and culturally adapt the hit title for the German market. BitLife DE – Lebenssimulation is currently available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

“Our strategic partnership with Candywriter includes extended distribution and transcreation of BitLife DE – Lebenssimulation to German audiences,” said Oleg Rößger, CEO of Goodgame Studios. “With our brilliant marketing team and the collective talent across both studios, we are able to push BitLife’s expansion.”

In BitLife DE – Lebenssimulation, players must make all the right choices in an attempt to become model citizens before it’s too late. Whether it’s marrying the partner of their dreams, building a family or finding the perfect job, players must learn from their past to make a better future. BitLife DE – Lebenssimulation’s humor creates for riveting adventures for the game’s many characters, and while the game features a sandbox concept, it gives players unlimited choices and full control over the character’s virtual lives.

“In Goodgame Studios, we found a strong partner that would assist in bringing BitLife to German players,” said Candywriter Founders, Nadir Khan and Kevin O’Neil. “We look forward to working closely with their team to extend the game’s reach to other communities – as well as in several native languages – in the near future.”

Players looking to adjust the life of their characters can do so with BitLife DE – Lebenssimulation’s God-mode editor, which is available now as an in-app purchase. Also available for purchase is Bitizenship, a feature which can be used to activate even more content and functionalities, as well as the ability to turn off in-game advertisements. In addition, players can use the in-game time machine to revert their avatar’s age to a certain point.

Especially challenging was the transcreation of the simulator, as the text blocks, which are responsible for numerous random events in the game, are hard coded into the game’s development structure.

BitLife DE – Features:

  • Free-to-play, text-based life simulation within a sandbox game world
  • Unlimited choices
  • Full control over one’s character’s life
  • High replayability due to endless story-combinations
  • Unique sense of humor

For more information on BitLife DE – Lebenssimulation, or to download the game for free, visit the game’s App Store and Google Play Store.