HSH Nordbank Run

Goodgamers prove Goodrunners at the HSH Nordbank Run

Following our efforts in 2011, 2012 and 2013, Goodgame Studios recently took part in the HSH Nordbank run in the Hafencity area of Hamburg for what is now the fourth time.

Comprising 50 Goodgamers, our team was the biggest to represent our company so far. In total, there were 23,244 runners and 812 teams taking part. The proceeds of the charity run, totaling €150,000, were given to the “Kinder helfen Kindern” initiative, who will use it to fund the “Kids in die Clubs” project.

All the employees running the race were kitted out with a Goodgame sports shirt, and then it was time to tackle the four-kilometer route together. Our team got off to by far the loudest start, and the commentator was friendly enough to remark that we are always looking for new employees, and that anyone who had their application with them was welcome to give it to us.

The Goodgame cheering taskforce had positioned themselves a few hundred meters from the start, and greeted their colleagues with a barrage of support that was hard to miss. A combination of thundersticks in a brilliant company blue and motivating cheers ensured an impressive level of noise. Just before the end, there was another cheering squad, to help the runners dig deep and make it to the finish.

Having arrived, our colleagues were reinvigorated with drinks, before some went off on a harbor tour, which was offered to all the runners for free. We have no doubt that we’ll be on the start line and ready to go again next year. Hopefully with an even bigger team!