Goodgame cleans the Ocean with the latest Big Farm update

Following a successful collaboration with the non-profit organisation One Tree Planted last year, Goodgame Studios continues to launch ingame features for a good cause. Today Goodgame’s BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest will see the addition of a new Seafood Restaurant feature to the game, starting a new charity event ‘BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest Ocean Cleanup’ whereby players need to collect special fishing nets while fishing in the game. Once the BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest community has cleared the ingame ocean Goodgame will work with the organizations Bracenet and Healthy Seas to contribute to their ongoing efforts to clean up our oceans.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Ocean Cleanup

“BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest continues to achieve growing success. We are happy that we are in a position to give back with BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest”, says Simon Andrews, who heads the studio responsible for the game. “Through this event, we have, together with our players the opportunity to make the world just a little bit better.”

In an effort to clean the oceans, Goodgame Studios will collaborate with the organizations Bracenet and Healthy Seas to liberate the oceans from ghostnets and to draw attention to this hidden danger.

The charity event starts today and will run for one week. It will be supported with social media activities. For more information make sure to follow

About Bracenet
Bracenet collaborates with Healthy Seas a non-governmental ocean protection organization, Ghost Fishing and Nofir. Together, they want to advance the liberation of the oceans from ghost nets and publicly draw attention to this hidden danger. Their major goal is to establish a circular economy – a journey from waste to wear. The ghostnets are being salvaged by the experienced Ghostfishers, cleaned by Nofir and manufactured into Bracenets from our side. For more information on Bracenet or to purchase one of their Bracenets, you can visit their site at

About Healthy Seas
Healthy Seas is a cross-sector initiative created by a non-profit organization and two businesses. They have joined forces to clean the oceans and seas of marine litter such as derelict fishnets responsible for the needless death of marine animals. Furthermore, they aim for sustainability, in both environmental and economic sense. For this reason, they recycle the nets into high-quality raw material for brand new products such as socks, carpets or other textiles. So, with every new product they produce, they reduce the waste in the seas. In order to support Healthy Seas and to donate toward their efforts, please visit