Goodgame cleans the Ocean with the latest Big Farm update

Following a successful collaboration with the non-profit organisation One Tree Planted last year, Goodgame Studios continues to launch ingame features for a good cause. Today Goodgame’s BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest will see the addition of a new Seafood Restaurant feature to the game, starting a new charity event ‘BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest Ocean Cleanup’ whereby players need to collect special fishing nets while fishing in the game. Once the BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest community has cleared the ingame ocean Goodgame will work with the organizations Bracenet and Healthy Seas to contribute to their ongoing efforts to clean up our oceans.

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Goodgame to aid reforestation with latest Big Farm update

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest - Charity Event

Goodgame Studios continues to see growing success with their mobile game BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest. To celebrate this success with the BIG FARM community, today BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest will launch their ‘Big Farm Forest’ Charity event, where players can collect tree saplings on their farm while doing their daily farm quests and tasks. For every truck load of seedlings the community collects, Goodgame Studios will work with non-profit charity One Tree Planted to plant several thousand real trees.

“We are very excited about this event and how we can collaborate with our players to help our environment” says Simon Andrews, who heads the studio responsible for the game. “Our players love taking care of their farms, now we will reward their efforts by planting trees in areas that really need them!”

In an effort to reforest the tree population in California which got badly hit in this years’ forest fires, Goodgame Studios will collaborate with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted to plant up to 5000 trees in spring 2019.

The charity event starts today and will run for one week. It will be supported with social media activities. For more information make sure to follow

BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest continues strong performance and gets major content update

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest - Update

Goodgame’s beloved BIG FARM franchise sees a massive update to its mobile title BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest this month, presenting the largest feature update so far. The update will provide players with the ability to develop and build their own in-game Café & Store where they can cook and bake delicious meals with their farm produce, as well as the ability to sell self-produced items such as perfumes and souvenirs.

“This update continues a trend of regular, relevant updates for the game that have allowed BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest to see continuous performance gains since its launch in Q4, 2017” says Jörgen Larsson, CEO of the Stillfront Group.

The latest update will provide fresh and exciting content for new and veteran players alike. The addition of the Café and Store will add a new dynamic to the game giving players more options for their farm produce, but also providing them with even more entrepreneurial opportunities through running their new businesses in-game, and serving new customers. “BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest continues to be a shining example of what a new game launch should look like for our company” emphasizes Kai Wawrzinek, CEO of Goodgame Studios.

”Our ability to scale this game in a highly competitive market, combined with high quality updates for our players have resulted in significant revenue growth per quarter”. “This update is huge for our growing BIG FARM Mobile community of 7.5 million players!” says Simon Andrews, who heads the studio responsible for developing the game. “I know our players will love the new Café & Store as it will give them even more opportunity to run their business and grow their farm”.

BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest’s big update will be supported globally by Google Play and will be accompanied by a major TV advertising campaign across 30 channels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition Goodgame has partnered with inSocial Media and Germany’s most famous and influential YouTube superstar ‘Bibi’, from Bibi’s Beauty Palace, who will be sharing and enjoying the Big Farm: Mobile Harvest update with her 5 million followers.