Onboarding Team

Settling in made easy – our onboarding team is here to help

As an international company, we’re proud to currently employ people from over 50 different nations, and we’re here to help each and every one of them get off to a good start in Hamburg.

Many of them may experience a minor culture shock when they come to Germany. They are also faced with apartment hunting and bureaucratic hurdles which seem impossible to overcome alone, and they slowly start to lose the desire to make a new start in Germany. In order to prevent this, our onboarding team lends a helping hand to the new arrivals from abroad. Of course employees from other parts of Germany receive support as well, particularly in the search for accommodation. We offer our new coworkers an all-around, worry-free package to make their lives easier when arriving in Germany and starting their jobs. “We handle the city registration processes, obtain work permits, help with the apartment hunt, and assist with any individual problems which might come up,” said Daniel, our onboarding manager. The team’s tasks are widespread and begin even before the new employee starts work. These can be anything from dealing with bureaucratic issues, helping with organizing the move, searching for a bank and acquiring insurance, to finding day cares or schools – because there are some people who come here with their whole family too.

All new employees take part in a welcome event on their first day of work, then a few days later get to enjoy a starters’ lunch together. This lunch gives the new employees a chance to share their first impressions of Goodgame Studios and Hamburg over some delicious bagels, as well as the opportunity to get to know each other better and make contacts outside of their own departments. In addition to this, everyone is also assigned a buddy from their team. This buddy helps our new coworkers to find their way and answers any questions they might have. Last but not least, each team gets a quarterly budget for group activities.

We do everything we can to ensure that every one of our many coworkers who start with us each month gets off to a great start in Hamburg, settles in quickly, and feels comfortable here for many years to come.