UX Lab

Testing with the Best – The GGS Usability Laboratory

We have set up an in-house usability laboratory to perfect our games and guarantee our users ultimate entertainment. The lab contains a test room and an observation room that are separated from each other by a one-way mirror. Lars, who runs the laboratory, can therefore observe the test subjects’ reactions in detail. The testers either play the games on mobile devices or on PCs. In addition, there’s a living room with a couch and a big flat-screen TV so that you feel like you’re at home when you’re playing and there’s also a conference room where several people can take part in a test together. The rooms are fitted with a few cameras which record the testers’ facial expressions and gestures while they play.

The lab allows us to test our games’ user-friendliness. Are the tutorial and the texts easy to understand? Is the game structured logically and clearly? And above all, is it fun to play? However, it’s not just games which are put under the microscope – we’re also looking to improve our websites and advertisements.

If you’d be interested in doing some testing in the usability laboratory you can register here. You’ll be recompensed for your time and effort of course.