Three years of a mobile medieval world – Happy Birthday, Empire: Four Kingdoms!

Our mobile strategy title Empire: Four Kingdoms, lovingly known as “E4K” by us Goodgamers, is three years old! This is definitely a great reason to throw a party befitting of the occasion! Together with their colleagues who develop the Goodgame Empire browser version, the team enjoyed a delicious banquet. An abundance of hearty dishes were laid out, and the “knights-in-training” could even try out real swords and armor! Read more

A gamer meetup fit for a king

Over the weekend, our colleagues Lucas, Jens, and Jörg made their way to the beautiful Frankfurt am Main. The bustling German city played host to 70 dedicated fans of our successful game Empire: Four Kingdoms, and we didn’t want to miss out on this great chance to meet our fans and hear their helpful feedback.  We’re always grateful for any praise or criticism regarding our new updates or support team because these show us where we can make our game even better. Read more

The art of game making: it’s more than just fun and games!

Developing your very own game – the dream of so many friends of the pixel. The development process for an entire game is extensive, and includes everything from finding an idea to designing, prototyping, and all of the various production and release phases. The special thing about Goodgame Studios: every day we work on making our games even better and produce new updates on an almost weekly basis. The development that goes behind a weekly update is almost the same as for an entire game. That’s why in today’s blog we’ll share with you how an update for one of our most successful title Goodgame Empire actually comes to life – this time for the Blade Coast event. Read more

The king of the apps is turning two

The smartphones and tablets of this world lived a calm and uneventful life for many years, until one day the glorious Empire broke onto the screen with mighty castles, powerful armies, and an enchanting world of excitement! That was in February 2013, the historic moment when Empire: Four Kingdoms conquered appstores around the world. Since that momentous day, 400,000 alliances have been founded, 535 million battles have been fought, and a horse was even put in a living room! Empire: Four Kingdoms, an offshoot of the highly successful and award-winning browser game Goodgame Empire, gives players the chance to produce resources, band together with friends and fellow players in strong alliances, and prove their skills in epic battles. We’re happy to wave our banners in celebration of the two year anniversary of our first mobile game! Read more

The Story of the Horse in the Living Room

The Story of the Horse in the Living Room

If you want to be successful in the games industry, you don’t just need a very good game and a loyal fan base.

The right marketing strategy is just as important. That’s the reason we don’t just focus on online marketing – TV advertising is also incredibly important in convincing new players to play our games. We’ve recently begun to delight international TV audiences with a new Goodgame Empire commercial. The filming was supervised by our TV Team, which is part of our in-house conversion department. Anton, our TV Creative Lead, explains why for the first time, we have opted for a real life spot, i.e. a commercial with real people, instead of just with animated graphics: “With our new TV campaign we want to consciously differentiate ourselves from the competition. We want to reach as broad a target audience as possible, that’s why commercials in general are our benchmark. We are certain that with this high-quality spot, which is unique in Germany for this genre, we will be able to make even more players enthusiastic about Goodgame Empire.
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