GOOD Studios – RPG gets rolling with a new genre

Our titles Goodgame Empire, Legends of Honor, and Goodgame Big Farm have helped us make a name for ourselves, especially in the strategy and simulation games genres. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of exciting genres where we’d like to carve a place for ourselves in the future and provide top notch entertainment to players around the world. What better way than by trying our hand at role-playing games (RPGs)? It is one of the most popular genres, after all.

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GOOD Studios – The 4th Floor is Goodgame Studios’ PC client initiative

Goodgame Studios is known for successful browser and mobile games. But now, for the first time and with the debut of the 4th Floor studio, we introduce our own dedicated and specialized development team focused on PC client games. With a major investment in experience, talent, skills, and technology, this studio has geared up to deliver our first online action RPG, built on Unreal Engine 4. Read more

Mobile Games: The New Industry Trends in 2016

Last week’s hotly anticipated Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showcased the latest ideas in entertainment technology for 2016. Along with state-of-the-art drones, televisions, VR headsets, and smartphones, gaming was, of course, also a focus at the trade show. Video games are among the most popular entertainment products in the world. This is hardly surprising, given how games have conquered our mobile devices: the days when games were just played on consoles and PCs are long gone. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet (and who doesn’t have one nowadays?) has almost certainly tried out a game or two. 37% of Germans play on their smartphone or tablet at least once a week. What’s more, people play everywhere – buses and trains are swarming with people playing puzzle, quiz, and strategy games to pass the time. This seemingly infinite target group is a reason that the future of the gaming industry is looking decidedly rosy. It is for this reason that Goodgame Studios also focuses on mobile titles and has already published the most successful German-made app in the world. Our colleague Patrik Wilkens is Mobile Product Lead for one of our new games. Here you can read about which mobile trends and challenges he thinks will shape game development and marketing in 2016. Read more

How Goodgame Studios Fuses Art & Science

Who do you picture when you think about a designer or an artist? Maybe Andy Warhol, renowned for his pop art? And now picture a scientist – perhaps you see a gray-haired Albert Einstein in a white lab coat, standing next to a board covered with complicated formulas as he investigates the laws of nature? Goodgame Studios has artists and scientists as well, even if they don’t necessarily look like Warhol or Einstein. The two worlds collide in all areas of Goodgame Studios, such as when data analysts encounter marketing artists, game researchers talk to game designers, and user experience researchers work with user interface designers. Read more