Run for a good cause: Team Good Gains supports “Kinder helfen Kindern”!

Hamburg, June 02, 2019 – best weather and shorts, a perfect fit for this year’s Hamburg Commercial Bank Run and some of our great colleagues at Goodgame Studios took part as well.

Team Good Gains proved to be dauntless and ran the necessary four kilometers to the finish with time to spare.

For all participants it was a great experience to run through the magical Hamburg Hafencity and as always the motto was “to be there is everything”. The fun factor was gigantic and the calendar entry “fitness training” could be ticked off successfully.

We would like to thank all members of Team Good Gains for their great commitment.

70 Jahre Grundgesetz – Der Film

Am 23. Mai wird das Grundgesetz 70 Jahre alt. Hamburg würdigt diesen besonderen Geburtstag mit einer besonderen Aktion: In unserer Stadt ist ein Kurzfilm zum Grundgesetz entstanden. 20 bekannte Persönlichkeiten haben die wichtigsten Passagen aus den wichtigsten Artikeln der Verfassung auf einer Reise durch Hamburg eingesprochen. Heute geht der Film, der auf Initiative des Hamburger Abendblatts und der „Zeit“-Stiftung entstanden ist, online. Hamburgs größte Unternehmen unterstützen die Aktion und helfen mit, den Film zu verbreiten. Wir sind gern dabei. Viel Spaß beim Zuschauen und Teilen!

Goodgame cleans the Ocean with the latest Big Farm update

Following a successful collaboration with the non-profit organisation One Tree Planted last year, Goodgame Studios continues to launch ingame features for a good cause. Today Goodgame’s BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest will see the addition of a new Seafood Restaurant feature to the game, starting a new charity event ‘BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest Ocean Cleanup’ whereby players need to collect special fishing nets while fishing in the game. Once the BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest community has cleared the ingame ocean Goodgame will work with the organizations Bracenet and Healthy Seas to contribute to their ongoing efforts to clean up our oceans.

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Stillfront Group appoints Oleg Savschouk and Phillip Knust as new CEO and CPO at Goodgame Studios

Stillfront Group announces the appointment of Oleg Savschouk, Vice President Live Operations and member of the management team, as new Chief Executive Officer and of Phillip Knust, Director of Products, as new Chief Product Officer at Goodgame Studios, effective March 1st, 2019.

Oleg Savschouk and Phillip Knust

Oleg Savschouk is an experienced leader who joined Goodgame Studios more than seven years ago as Product Director and is – in his current role as VP Live Operations – responsible for the product development of the successful games “Goodgame Empire” and “Big Farm”. Before joining Goodgame, he held several management positions, such as CEO of German retailer “Mix GmbH”, a company with 161 stores and 370M EUR in revenue, where Savschouk substantially increased the number of stores, revenue and market share and successfully increased company value.

Phillip Knust is an experienced creative leader and product strategist who created the original game design of the games “Goodgame Empire” and “Big Farm”. He joined Goodgame Studios more than eight years ago as Product Manager and has since then led several production teams, releasing numerous product successes, the most popular being “Goodgame Empire”, one of the biggest strategy games of all time with more than 175 million users to date.

In their new roles, Savschouk and Knust will continue to focus on long-lifecycle product development and contribute to long-term shareholder value.

“It is a privilege to lead this fundamentally strong company with iconic products and talent. Phillip and I will be working very hard in the coming years to further expand our brands. We will move with urgency and intense commitment to continue to drive revenue and profits for Goodgame and the Stillfront Group. I see an exciting future for Goodgame with profitable growth and more great products to come. I am eager to get going”, says Oleg Savschouk, designated CEO of Goodgame Studios.

“I am very happy to see Goodgame Studios in such a strong position. The company is showing high profitability, popular brands, a great product pipeline and continues to be led by a highly skilled management team. Oleg and Phillip are experienced gaming industry experts with a strong focus on building and managing long-lifecycle products. I look forward to working with Oleg and Phillip in their new roles”, says Jörgen Larsson, CEO of Stillfront Group.

Founders of Goodgame Studios will leave operational positions

Dr. Kai Wawrzinek and Dr. Christian Wawrzinek, founders of Goodgame Studios, will leave their current positions as CEO and CSO at Goodgame by the end of February 2019, to focus on their roles as shareholders of Stillfront. The search for a new CEO has been initiated.

“Stillfront’s acquisition of Goodgame is a perfect strategic fit and we are very encouraged by the realization of synergies we have seen during 2018. The timing is now right for us to hand over daily management of Goodgame, allowing us more time to create value for Stillfront as active shareholders,” says Kai Wawrzinek.

“Goodgame Studios is performing well, with strong profitability and a solid pipeline for future game releases. The management team of Goodgame has an impressive track record and we have a strong leadership in place to ensure an orderly transition while building on the positive business momentum seen across the Group,” says Jörgen Larsson, CEO of Stillfront Group.