Goodgame to aid reforestation with latest Big Farm update

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest - Charity Event

Goodgame Studios continues to see growing success with their mobile game BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest. To celebrate this success with the BIG FARM community, today BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest will launch their ‘Big Farm Forest’ Charity event, where players can collect tree saplings on their farm while doing their daily farm quests and tasks. For every truck load of seedlings the community collects, Goodgame Studios will work with non-profit charity One Tree Planted to plant several thousand real trees.

“We are very excited about this event and how we can collaborate with our players to help our environment” says Simon Andrews, who heads the studio responsible for the game. “Our players love taking care of their farms, now we will reward their efforts by planting trees in areas that really need them!”

In an effort to reforest the tree population in California which got badly hit in this years’ forest fires, Goodgame Studios will collaborate with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted to plant up to 5000 trees in spring 2019.

The charity event starts today and will run for one week. It will be supported with social media activities. For more information make sure to follow

Goodgame Studios extends ‘BIG’ product segment with new title BIG COMPANY: Skytopia

Big Company: Skytopia

Goodgame Studios is proud to announce the launch of BIG COMPANY: Skytopia, the first title launched under Goodgame’s new BIG COMPANY brand. The brand extends Goodgame’s ‘BIG’ segment of products which so far includes BIG FARM and BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest. BIG COMPANY offers the potential for a broader range of products but still with an emphasis on high quality entrepreneurial games that share a playful art style and casual feel, with mid-core depth and complexity.

“We are excited to extend our ‘BIG’ range of products by adding BIG COMPANY to this segment”, says Jörgen Larsson, Stillfront Group CEO. “BIG COMPANY will sit alongside our hugely successful BIG FARM brand and will allow us to offer a broader range of games that still maintain our core values for this segment”.

BIG COMPANY: Skytopia reflects the idea of the American Dream as seen in the late 19th Century. An era of technological breakthroughs and wonder, an age of celebration and optimism, where anything was possible, where scientists joined the ranks of the great men and women of the age. The game offers players the chance to join real life scientific heroes like Nicola Tesla and Marie Curie to build and manage their city above the clouds. Exciting events, quests and challenges, as well as extensive social features promise to provide long-term enjoyment for all players.

“BIG COMPANY: Skytopia is a unique setting and a wonderful place to spend time”, says Simon Andrews, Head of the studio responsible for developing the game. “The combination of the fantastical setting with real life heroes and easy to understand economy cycles make BIG COMPANY: Skytopia an intriguing game for all budding entrepreneurs”.

BIG COMPANY: Skytopia will be available globally Aug 2, 2018 on Google Play, the App Store and Amazon. In the interim Android players have the option to pre register on the Google Play Store.

Goodgame “EMPIRE: Millennium Wars” launches on Web

Empire: Millennium Wars

Following the release of its latest strategy game EMPIRE: Millennium Wars on mobile, Goodgame Studios is proud to announce the global release of its latest title on web.

The new game allows players to run their corporate mining empire on Mars, where they can compete against other players to ultimately rule the Mars Trade Federation. “We’ve built this version of the game from the ground up for web using the latest web technologies for the best browser coverage and performance” says Simon Andrews, Head of the studio responsible for developing the game. “EMPIRE: Millennium Wars is a great fit for web, and we will be adding lots of new and exciting content for our players over the coming weeks”.

Goodgame has a track record for releasing highly successful web games including BIG FARM and its highly popular medieval strategy game EMPIRE, Germany’s most successful game of all time and one of the top games worldwide.

“We are committed to providing our players with great new game experiences on web” says Jörgen Larsson, Stillfront Group CEO. “Our investment in leading web technologies such as html5 is a key component of our future product strategy”.

EMPIRE: Millennium Wars is available via Goodgame’s portal

BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest continues strong performance and gets major content update

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest - Update

Goodgame’s beloved BIG FARM franchise sees a massive update to its mobile title BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest this month, presenting the largest feature update so far. The update will provide players with the ability to develop and build their own in-game Café & Store where they can cook and bake delicious meals with their farm produce, as well as the ability to sell self-produced items such as perfumes and souvenirs.

“This update continues a trend of regular, relevant updates for the game that have allowed BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest to see continuous performance gains since its launch in Q4, 2017” says Jörgen Larsson, CEO of the Stillfront Group.

The latest update will provide fresh and exciting content for new and veteran players alike. The addition of the Café and Store will add a new dynamic to the game giving players more options for their farm produce, but also providing them with even more entrepreneurial opportunities through running their new businesses in-game, and serving new customers. “BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest continues to be a shining example of what a new game launch should look like for our company” emphasizes Kai Wawrzinek, CEO of Goodgame Studios.

”Our ability to scale this game in a highly competitive market, combined with high quality updates for our players have resulted in significant revenue growth per quarter”. “This update is huge for our growing BIG FARM Mobile community of 7.5 million players!” says Simon Andrews, who heads the studio responsible for developing the game. “I know our players will love the new Café & Store as it will give them even more opportunity to run their business and grow their farm”.

BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest’s big update will be supported globally by Google Play and will be accompanied by a major TV advertising campaign across 30 channels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition Goodgame has partnered with inSocial Media and Germany’s most famous and influential YouTube superstar ‘Bibi’, from Bibi’s Beauty Palace, who will be sharing and enjoying the Big Farm: Mobile Harvest update with her 5 million followers.

Goodgame Empire hits $800 million in lifetime revenues

Press Release – Hamburg, August 22, 2017

Just in time for its sixth anniversary, ‘Goodgame Empire’ has given its developer, Hamburg-based Goodgame Studios, a truly special gift. The highly popular medieval strategy game hit $800 million in lifetime revenues, becoming Germany’s most successful game of all time and one of the top games worldwide.

Empire: Four Kingdoms

More than 250 content updates within six years

“We are extremely proud and we thank all the players who have helped make it happen. The financial success has given us the freedom to expand ‘Goodgame Empire’ into one of the most complex strategy games ever,” says Nina Mueller, who runs the studio responsible for the game’s ongoing support and development. “We are especially proud of all the players who have been with us for many years. With over 250 content updates since the game launched in 2011, we have obviously kept the fun factor high.”

Nevertheless, there are still many ideas in the pipeline. “Yes, we have lots of interesting stuff in the backlog to look forward to. At the same time, we want to take requests from the community into account even more,” promises Mueller. “Our long-term goal is for Goodgame Empire to be running successfully ten years from now.”

Transition to HTML5

One requirement for reaching that goal is to successfully transition from the soon discontinued Flash technology to the new web standard, HTML5. “It’s a mammoth task, we are talking about one million lines of code that have to be transferred,” explains Benjamine Constantine, who is responsible for this strategic project for Goodgame Studios. “Nevertheless, we are aiming for a seamless transition for our players, meaning the complete feature set as well as regular content updates.” The project is well underway and the switch is planned for no later than mid 2018.

Empire Millennium Wars

Expanding the Empire

2018 promises to be an exciting year for Goodgame Studios and the Empire brand anyway. Besides continuing development of Goodgame Empire itself, from early 2018, the Empire franchise will be expanded with the addition of the new game, ‘Empire: Millennium Wars’, where players can compete to dominate the mining industry on Mars. Unique support from Google will start this Thursday. Despite not being released yet, ‘Empire: Millennium Wars’ will be featured prominently in the Google Play Store for pre-registration.

Goodgame Studios back on track, two new games early 2018

Press Release – Hamburg, 27 July 2017

Goodgame Studios, a leading developer and publisher of gaming software, announced today a return to consistent profitability following a recent strategic restructuring of its operations. In addition, the Company announced that two new mobile titles are in development, expected to launch in early 2018.

Company Expects Long-Term Financial Stability After Difficult but Necessary Reorganization

Since the beginning of the year, founders of Goodgame, Kai and Christian Wawrzinek returned to their executive positions of CEO and CSO respectively, and reflect on the recent changes at the studio. “The restructuring was definitely one of the toughest periods of the company’s history,” said Christian Wawrzinek, CSO of Goodgame Studios. “Nearly everybody in the company had to say goodbye to talented colleagues who will be missed and to whom we thank for their dedication and service. As painful as it’s been to undergo this process, there is no doubt that we were doing what we believe necessary to ensure long-term growth and financial stability.”

Commenting further, Christian Wawrzinek  reflects on how gratifying it is to see Goodgame Studios return to constant profitability. “Before the reorganization, we focused our efforts heavily on creating new games in new genres while neglecting the needs of our loyal audience who are playing our current titles. Following the strategic realignment, two of our blockbusters ‘Goodgame Empire’ and ‘Big Farm’ have our full attention and have also been switched to a more user-centered development approach since the beginning of the year.”

Goodgame Studios Entry 2017

Positive operating result expected for 2017, potential increase in 2018

“Goodgame Empire is six years old now, and we’re proud that the title is still the most successful game franchise ever produced in Germany,” emphasizes Kai Wawrzinek CEO of Goodgame Studios. Commenting further, Kai notes that the four-year-old Big Farm brand still delights millions of players worldwide every month. “We have the responsibility to continue the success of these blockbusters, for our players, for our employees and for the whole company. Based on solid revenue, Goodgame wants to build new, sustainable growth.”

Goodgame Studios is expecting a positive operating result for the 2017 financial year, and due to upcoming releases the upward trend might even accelerate in 2018.

Two new games for mobile devices are planned to be released in the first quarter of 2018, and gamers who are fans of web based titles can also expect some exciting news from Goodgame Studios to be announced in due course.