GOOD Tips – Become more productive in 10 minutes!

There is a good chance you’re already well acquainted with time management and have probably completed plenty of to-do lists in your lifetime, whether professionally or privately. Even in game development, it’s important to develop an efficient plan for large projects in order to carry them out as flawlessly as possible. Efficient time and self management is key to making your work both more successful and more relaxed. Of course, our colleagues cannot be rivaled in this field, not least because our staff development team offers courses for time and self management at our Goodgame Academy.

In today’s blog post, we want to share with you some valuable tips that you can use to better allocate your time, become more productive, and avoid stress. It only takes 10 minutes to read but can save you many hours down the road! 😉

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5 Questions for Duncan: “With creativity around the world”

Goodgame Studios is home to many passionate creative minds – but not all of them work in our studios. Our colleagues from the Corporate Branding & Concept team make use of their creative spirits to give our company a unique presence and shape our corporate image. This is why they don’t only have talented artists who create amazing visual content, but also someone who takes care of producing unique ideas, concepts, and text – Duncan, our Senior Copywriter!

Higher, faster, farther: May the e-games begin!

In only a few hours, the 31st Olympic Games will officially open – and kick off an exciting two weeks! We will look on as every athlete once again calls upon the Olympic spirit to go “higher, faster, farther”. As you know, our feelgood team always keeps us on our toes with a wide variety of sports opportunities. The Brazilian martial art, Capoeria, is apparently in particularly high demand this quarter. Who would have thought? The course has definitely earned a seal of approval from our 15 Brazilian colleagues.


Our colleague Janin doing kickboxing 

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Goodgame up close: Valeska, Matt, and Steffi instagram for you!

If you follow us on one of our social media channels, you already know that we like to keep you up-to-date on everything that happens at Goodgame! For example, you’ve already met many of our colleagues and teams; we’ve taken you behind the scenes in game development, like when an exciting update was on its way; and of course we’ve told you all about our other highlights, whether it’s the launch of a new game or a sofa concert in our cafĂ©.

Now we’re ready to take our social media to the next level by giving you a picture of what we do here, in the truest sense of the word! To this end, we tracked down the Goodgamers Valeska, Matt, and Steffi and asked them to join our social media team as Instagram posters – with photos of their actual everyday work!  Since they come from very different areas, namely campus services, game development, and the event team, their exciting posts are sure to keep you entertained!

If you don’t want to miss anything, you can follow us on Instagram under @goodgame_studios. Of course, first we have to introduce you to our three new Instagrammers and their jobs and preferences.


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GOOD Teams – Breaking down language barriers in gaming

If you want to go global, you have to speak every language in the world – and that applies in the world of gaming, too! That’s why today, we’d like to introduce you to our localization team, which takes care of translating our games into over 25 languages. We met with Clara, localization lead, and asked her what makes her team special, how they work, and what else they do besides taking care of the text in our games.

When Clara came to Goodgame Studios in 2011, she was the only one responsible for the localization of our games. Today the team is made up of 19 talented linguists, who master a total of 15 languages and come from 12 different countries. Since we need more than 25 different language versions of our games, the team also works with external agencies.

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Guest Blog: “Procedural Content Generation” by Aaron Chapin

Here at Goodgame, we are a multi-talented team with many different specializations within the field of gaming. What unites us is our passion for making games, and our ambition to become really good at what we do. In order to achieve this, we want to learn and improve fast, which is why it is especially important to us to exchange knowledge throughout our team as well as with the rest of the gaming industry. That’s why we are quite excited to share our first guest post from our colleague Aaron with you today! Aaron has worked as both a client and server developer within our Moonshots Studio, and in his blog post, he lets us in on the topic of building parts of a game automatically using Procedural Content Generation. Read on to find out what that is, how it can be used, and what benefits or drawbacks it might have.

Alex at Unite
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