The mystery of the technical artist – artist or programmer?

Good games are a synthesis of multimedia art created by people with the most varied of skills. Creative artists design breathtaking landscapes and characters, while analytically-minded developers program the basic framework for making a fun game. Many game development jobs can be classified as either number or design based. That is not true for the technical artist, however. The name alone raises the question as to whether they are actually a techie or an artist. So we have decided to clear up the mystery surrounding this extraordinary profession once and for all. Read more

Excellent networking at the QX leadership conference

“What do I want to achieve during my lifetime?” This was one of the key questions asked at the 8th Leadership Conference held at our campus last weekend under the initiative of QX Quarterly Crossing. With this conference, the global excellence network offers both young professionals with high potential as well as long-standing experts an outstanding forum for exchanging experiences. Goodgame Studios has been working with QX for many years and has already held several smaller networking events on the campus. The conference was our first major joint event with QX, and we were very happy to play host. Read more

Design workshops with international star Trent Kaniuga at Goodgame Studios

As some of you may already know, we are currently working on our first core game, and we’re giving our colleagues plenty of opportunities to develop their skills! Not only will this quench their thirst for knowledge, but it will also allow us to create the best possible product for our players. We were lucky enough to welcome an extraordinarily talented artist to give a series of workshops in our company: Trent Kaniuga is a concept and environment artist for world-renowned computer games. He has worked on titles such as World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. Trent began drawing at the age of 14, and at the age of 16 he released his first successful comic, “Creed”. He gave us all the inside info and some insight into the design processes of a AAA studio. Read more

Successful recruiting? We know how it’s done!

All over Germany there’s talk about skill and talent shortage – but not here. Thanks to our tried and tested  success strategies, we are able to meet our staff requirements and continue to hire new colleagues. In this guest blog entry, Ina, our Head of Human Resources & Talent Acquisition, will present our six ingredients  for successful recruitment so that every company that’s interested can try it for themselves: Read more