FH Wedel

Goodgame Studios crowns programming champion from Wedel University

The Wedel University of Applied Sciences recently held their biannual programming competition, which is open to all students of the university. Goodgame Studios sponsored the event and donated prizes totaling €1000.

The task for the competition concerned artificial intelligence. Two computers had to be programmed to play the number game 2048 against each other. The program had to run on Linux. Students worked together in small groups, and the results were presented at the end to be judged. Before the ceremony, while the judges were weighing up the teams’ efforts, our Chief Technical Officer Stefan gave a short presentation about Goodgame Studios. We are always looking for well-qualified specialist staff to join our team of 200 programmers. The competition was a good opportunity to introduce ourselves as a company and to discover coding talent.
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24 hours of concentration and codes – the Hackathon in Hamburg

The Hackathon in Hamburg took place recently with the motto “For a better working life”, and several Goodgamers were there to test their programming skills. At such events, participants have 24 hours to work on a project together. The aim is to produce demonstrable results before the time runs out, and ideally a finished and functioning product.

In Hamburg, the 80 participants, of whom more than half were women, sat together in small groups to discuss their projects and work together on their tasks. Some opted to work on beanbags or benches in the open air – the atmosphere was relaxed and casual. The Hackathon started early on Saturday and hacking continued until Sunday afternoon. Goodgame Studios were supporting the event, and we were there running a smoothie bar where participants could pick up a free dose of vitamins.
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