GOOD Teams: For Technical Integration, It’s All About Automation

Whoever thinks that development teams are a boring bunch with a dry job has not yet met our Technical Integration Team. In their own words, they are “the most fun team at Goodgame Studios” and, judging from the meeting that brought about this blog post, this is tough to argue against. When asked to explain what it is they do by someone without any programming knowledge or talent (i.e. me), they come up with all sorts of metaphors and images, such as putting up a series of advertisement posters where they provide the glue. Read more

Personal development at Goodgame Academy

Goodgame Studios has developed tremendously in many different areas over the last few years. Not that long ago, everyone sat together in the same room, and an artist for Goodgame Poker could shake the hand of their marketing colleague without even leaving their seat. Now we work across two different sites in Hamburg, separated into seven different studios, with a whole marketing department of our own and lots of other teams who all work hard to make our games successful. Nonetheless, we continue to collaborate very closely because we know that a game can only become really good when it’s created as a joint venture. To keep our collaboration running smoothly despite the constant change in the company, in 2014 our staff development team created the Goodgame Academy to help us develop our soft skills. Read more

GOOD Teams – Community Management

For some people, the hype surrounding online MMOs still remains a mystery, and I must admit that I felt similar before my time at Goodgame Studios. When I started working here, I realized that the enthusiasm for games like these extends even further than I would have ever believed. Our titles alone are being played by millions of people who log in from all over the world to help each other complete missions or simply want to spend time sharing a hobby with their friends. During my time here, I’ve learned that in addition to gameplay, the interactions between players and the friendships formed in the game are important reasons for the massive popularity of online MMOs. There is so much interest in interaction that many players also meet on platforms outside of the game, such as the official forums or the game’s Facebook page. These pages are also the playgrounds of our community managers who share the passion of our player community. Read more