GOOD Teams – Breaking down language barriers in gaming

If you want to go global, you have to speak every language in the world – and that applies in the world of gaming, too! That’s why today, we’d like to introduce you to our localization team, which takes care of translating our games into over 25 languages. We met with Clara, localization lead, and asked her what makes her team special, how they work, and what else they do besides taking care of the text in our games.

When Clara came to Goodgame Studios in 2011, she was the only one responsible for the localization of our games. Today the team is made up of 19 talented linguists, who master a total of 15 languages and come from 12 different countries. Since we need more than 25 different language versions of our games, the team also works with external agencies.

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GOOD Teams: Product Intelligence knows what players want

Anyone who works in game development knows how complex and challenging it is. For the best odds of success, a game team should include industry experts from various fields who work closely together towards a common vision: creating the best possible product. One such team of experts at Goodgame Studios is Product Intelligence, which studies data from our games to find out how we can improve our existing and upcoming titles. Product Intelligence analyse player behaviour to discover what keeps our users engaged and motivated, and provide these insights to the product team, game designers and developers. Their analyses generally contain recommendations on how certain behaviours can be incentivised and, ultimately, how the game can be made more rewarding for players. “Our team is really in the trenches, serving as the front line between the product and the 100GB of data we collect daily,” explains team lead Alexei Vink.

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GOOD Teams – Caring is the key to success for Key Account Management

As you may know, it’s not just our own website that hosts our games – many of our partners also give fans the opportunity to play our games on their platforms. But did you also know that we have about 10,000 partners in total all across the globe, who help us to generate more players for our games? To ensure good collaboration with these partners, we have an awesome Key Account Management (KAM) team! We recently interviewed KAM’s very own Francis, but today, we will introduce you to the whole team and share some insight into how they look after our top partners and ensure a great gaming experience.

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GOOD Teams – Product Strategy knows how the world plays

We wish everyone out there a happy World Play Day and hope you are having fun today – maybe even with some of our games. Video games are more popular than ever before! For example, 42% of US citizens play them on a regular basis, and we do the same – whether an intense session on the console or just quick entertainment on the bus with our smartphones that accompany us wherever we go.

As a gaming company, we need to stay up-to-date on where the world of games is heading. That’s why we have an amazing product strategy team that knows how the world plays. Each and every one of the six team members is not only a passionate gamer themselves, bringing together several decades of experience in the industry overall – they are also analytical thinkers that are able to translate fun into a strategy for our company.

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Agile Coaching: How teams deliver a top performance

Companies that develop free-to-play games like we do constantly have to navigate an extremely competitive global market. To be successful in this field, you can’t be afraid to react, learn, and adapt to new situations very quickly. This is exactly what working in agile teams enables us to do. Companies that work with agile methods are always keeping an eye on what a product’s most valuable development path is, meaning that existing plans can always be reworked as needed. Most successful companies work this way, especially in the IT industry, instead of creating a plan at the beginning of the year and then realizing by the end that it should have been changed after the first month. Agile workflows are therefore put in place to make the company faster and better than the competition.

At Goodgame Studios, we are committed to promoting agility throughout the entire company. Since we have achieved tremendous growth in a very short time, and teams and processes constantly change and develop, sticking to this plan isn’t always easy. We have therefore brought in specialized agile coaches to integrate these unique working methods into the teams even more efficiently. Their goal is to create extremely powerful and highly motivated teams that stand out because of their excellent teamwork and that continue to drive forward the company’s success.

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The agile coaches of Goodgame Studios
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GOOD teams – What our event team does for company culture

Being skilled at multi-tasking can often be the key to success. That won’t come as a surprise for those of you who work in a gaming company or another industry with a dynamic start-up mentality. Some of the most talented task-jugglers at Goodgame are our colleagues in the event team. The foursome coordinate and organize a huge range of events that make a crucial contribution to our team and company culture. As part of the communications department, they’re closely involved in keeping our employees informed and making them feel part of the company. The main objective is to offer all Goodgamers interactive platforms for exchange which complement other communication channels like our internal newsletter. We want to create a dialog between Goodgamers and the management, and of course to have discussion among Goodgamers as well.  The team is also responsible for events held externally and with guests, and they help take care of the company’s public image. For this blog entry, we’ll summarize the key aspects of Goodgame’s events strategy and give you some details about the event team’s tasks.

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