QX network of excellence visits Goodgame Studios

Those who want to hire top talent have to offer something new and special. With a recruitment rate of 1.7% and strict hiring requirements, finding new talent poses quite the challenge for Goodgame Studios. Yesterday we therefore invited the best and most enthusiastic talent from QX-Quarterly Crossing to a meet and greet evening with workshops and a sumptuous dinner. QX is a global network of excellence that offers both young and experienced professionals a platform to exchange ideas and find support in their career development. In 2013, Goodgame Studios had already served as host for the QX Development Center, an assessment center where new members are accepted into the network. Yesterday’s event made it possible for more than 20 participants from all over Germany to get to know Goodgame Studios personally. The purpose of the event was to exchange ideas and network with like minded people.

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Can you speak code?

The developer conference code.talks took place on October 9th and 10th right here in Hamburg. Goodgame Studios attended the event as a platinum sponsor with a large stand including a foosball table, sitting area, and iPads for playing Empire: Four Kingdoms. There was also a GGS raffle which awarded a Playstation 4 to one lucky winner.

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Smoothies, games, and a car – Goodgame Studios at dmexco

This September, Cologne was visited by dmexco, an expo for marketing experts and those looking to follow in their footsteps. Since Goodgame Studios wants to expand its online marketing team, we kept an eye out for talented people at the event who feel at home in mobile or online marketing. We develop international campaigns to make our products even more famous around the world, so we are always looking to strengthen our team.

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Onboarding Team

Settling in made easy – our onboarding team is here to help

As an international company, we’re proud to currently employ people from over 50 different nations, and we’re here to help each and every one of them get off to a good start in Hamburg.

Many of them may experience a minor culture shock when they come to Germany. They are also faced with apartment hunting and bureaucratic hurdles which seem impossible to overcome alone, and they slowly start to lose the desire to make a new start in Germany. In order to prevent this, our onboarding team lends a helping hand to the new arrivals from abroad. Of course employees from other parts of Germany receive support as well, particularly in the search for accommodation. We offer our new coworkers an all-around, worry-free package to make their lives easier when arriving in Germany and starting their jobs. “We handle the city registration processes, obtain work permits, help with the apartment hunt, and assist with any individual problems which might come up,” said Daniel, our onboarding manager. The team’s tasks are widespread and begin even before the new employee starts work. These can be anything from dealing with bureaucratic issues, helping with organizing the move, searching for a bank and acquiring insurance, to finding day cares or schools – because there are some people who come here with their whole family too.
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Shadow Kings

How Meria, Gorok & Co. reach your phone – Developing Shadow Kings

Just over one month ago, our new game Shadow Kings let a hoard of elves, dwarves, and orcs loose on smartphones, tablets, and browsers.

After just one week we could already boast of over one million players diligently building up their cities in the Shadow Kings fantasy world. Now is a good time to take a look back on how this new title came to life. Salvatore, Product Manager of Shadow Kings, worked closely on its development and has granted us an exciting glimpse into its creation. Read more

Game Development at GGS

Passion is the road to success: how we develop games

Vesko has always been excited about game development. Originally from Bulgaria, he has studied and worked in places such as Gothenburg and Munich.

Vesko currently works with us here in Hamburg as a Junior Client Developer for Empire: Four Kingdoms, the first mobile game from Goodgame Studios. He constructs the game’s user interfaces and how they are displayed on the smartphone screen. This job is especially exciting since our games are always being updated and regularly outfitted with new features which we release almost every week. We can kill two birds with one stone using these fast development cycles: the gamers are happy since the game remains new and different, and the developers can reap the rewards of their hard work often and in real time.
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